Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm finally back

I'm sure if you follow me you see that most of my recent posts are similar to this: I'm back... I'm busy... I can't keep up!  Well the last few months have been extremely. I just finished (last night!) another round of administrative courses.  Four done... like a million left! 
Anyway, I am totally in love with teaching 2nd grade.  These kiddos are amazing and so incredibly cute. I wish I would have been able to switch grade levels earlier.  So this past month we have been reading about fables and folktales.  My kids have done an amazing job telling the lesson or moral, as well as describe the parts of a story.  This week we are reading Stone Soup, and then on Friday, since it is the last day before Spring/Easter break, we are making Stone Soup!! How fun!!!  Thursday is also Parent-Teacher Conference day, so this week is pretty light.  I love being able to tell my parents how great their kiddos are and to be able to show them their progress. 
My plan, at least until the end of May when my next set of classes start, is to keep updating my blog and get some more TPT products up.  If you haven't checked out my math station boards on TPT, please do so! I love creating new backgrounds and designs, so hopefully I'll have a few more up soon.  Thanks for following me, still!


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