Saturday, January 4, 2014

Freezing... and drowning.. oh and Currently

This winter weather is kicking my butt. I've wanted to get into school to do more, but haven't... I really took a break from school until Tuesday this week. I didn't do any work during last week's vacation. This week I really wanted to get planning and get ahead since my administration classes start up at the end of the month.  Those 10 week courses are killer!  Anyway, I'm looking at revamping my blog, since I don't teach fourth anymore... but not sure where to start, so bear with me (those of you who follow..)
I'm drowning in finding materials to teach 2nd and resources. I wasn't really left with much in my class, especially when it comes to units for S.S./Science or extra activities for Math and ELA.  So it feels like each week, I'm drowning in planning and preparation.  I really needed these two weeks off!


I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their vacation or weekend, if you went back last week!


  1. I really needed to get more planning done over the break, too...Oh well! Good luck to you going back!


  2. How do the holidays always go so fast? Glad to hear I am not the only one feeling that way. I had good intentions to get some planning done, but my bag remains untouched by the door since the last day of school.
    Have a great week back!

  3. Stopping by from the Currently linky. I always have so much planned for these breaks, and I am always amazed that I don't get even half of it done. I should learn by now, but every break, I make many more jobs and goals then I could ever get done. I feel your pain about thinking you should have done more!