Monday, August 26, 2013

Almost done!

My classroom is almost set up.  Even with a three day union conference and volleyball practice last week, I did manage to get most of my room finished.  I'm off to practice again, but will try to get some pictures either today or tomorrow for the big reveal. I am very happy with it.
I've also been working on curriculum.  Since I live in NY we have modules that we are supposed to follow now for ELA and Math.  I'm trying to dive into those and use other resources to create units and curriculum which is engaging and fun for these little second graders!  I'm trying to get ahead since my 2 post-graduate classes started today.  Between my family, a new grade, coaching volleyball, and these classes, I might go crazy these next two months!
One more week and it is back to school I go!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Talk about Me...

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I just love this!  If you follow me you might already know some of this!

1.  This will be my first year teaching 2nd grade! I've been teaching for 7 years and all were in fourth except one year when I taught 5th grade S.S. and Writing.  I am so excited to be teaching the little ones.

2.  I will be starting a grad program at SUNY Stony Brook in Administration Leadership. I really want to be a curriculum leader and maybe a principal, so I've decided to start now!  I might regret this later!!! haha!

3.  I coach Varsity volleyball at my school and just love it! The girls are fabulous and so much fun to coach, I just can't quit even though it is a lot since it is in the beginning of the school year!

4.  I teach at the same school I went to school with, a small rural town in upstate NY.  This year I'll actually be working with my 2nd grade teacher!! How fun!

5.  I am obsessed with organizing. Enough said.

6. I've been married for almost 8 years to my fabulous and supportive husband!  We started dating in high school over 14 years ago!

7.  We have 2 beautiful daughters.  Cali is 5 and will be going to kindergarten! Sniff, sniff.  Adelyn is 2 1/2 and will go to a two year old preschool class this year, twice a week.  She wanted to be like her big sister!!

8.  We are continuing to remodel our house. It is a long project (6 years in the making), but are more than halfway done.  I can't wait until it is done!!

9.  I LOVE the beach... who doesn't?? And just got back from a vacation visiting my parents who live an hour away from the beach in North Carolina.

10.  I just LOVE to shop.... and to find deals. I am constantly trying to find things for my classroom. Like today when I went to the grocery store and picked up 2 huge round containers...

Well that is it for me!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Snapshots... loving vacation!!!

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Today is the last day of vacation since tomorrow we are heading home.  I bravely drove all the way to Maryland (8 hours) with my two girls (2 and 5 years) and my nephew (2 almost 3). Then, thankfully my mom drove up to help with the rest of the drive to North Carolina.  We had a fabulous time visiting my family who all moved there.  My parents took us to the beach twice. I absolutely LOVE the beach!!!  

Here are some pics from the beach:


After spending the week with my parents we left yesterday to visit my brother's girlfriend. My brother is in the Special Forces and is overseas right now. But we were able to see his beautiful new house. She also took us to the Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh. The girls had a blast!!!  

Here are some more pics:

So bright and early tomorrow morning I'll be driving the 11 hours home with 3 kids!!! Wish me luck :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What a super deal!

Have you heard of Educents?? It is an amazing site in which has an AMAZING deal going on right now for grades 2-3. Plus you can sign up for their newsletter and get a $5 gift card to use toward the deal!  You can get a bundle of fabulous items from great teachers for just $30! It is a huge value!! Worth over $200. I'm still downloading mine since I'm on vacation and our internet is terrible, so no blogging for me.  Head over there as soon as you can to grab this amazing deal!  You will not be sorry!!!