Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Storing Centers

I'm posting today to ask how do you all store your centers?  Do you use ziploc bags, file folders, or envelopes?  I've used all of these but have never been happy with either, the happiest being envelopes but then you can't see what is in there.

I have been printing and laminating a bunch of centers to use this year in second grade and can't figure out how to store them.  I bought these pull out drawers for all of my math centers and will store them in there after figuring out how to really store them:

Any suggestions?

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  1. At the moment I have my smaller task cards in quart freezer bags (thicker), and then each group of the same topic is in a gallon freezer. It's working at the moment, but I'm not completely thrilled since the full size laminating papers don't really fit in the bags to close them.

    I also have those drawers, and my idea is to set it up by trimesters inside. I'm organizing my standard/objective cards by trimesters, so putting the first trimester's worth of skills on the top for math in one, then reading in another, and ELA in the third. I have a fourth one that is specifically dedicated to just math fact games for year round.

    It looks so cute with the different colors cards inside.