Monday, July 15, 2013

Spelling and Words Their Way Thoughts...

Yes, I'm posting again today, but our 2nd grade team needs help!

Our team met today and is meeting again tomorrow to do more curriculum planning for the year.  One question came up while planning today, what should we use for spelling??

With the new Common Core changes and not using the basal series anymore specifically, some of my team members are unsure of what to do about spelling.  Since I'm new to 2nd grade, I'm wondering what you all out their use for spelling, since I'm not that much help coming from fourth grade.  If you have used Words Their Way, can you please let me know about it, including how much time it takes you to prep for it.  That was a concern of a few.  Thanks everyone!!


  1. I have used Words their Way for the past 2 years. I LOVE IT! I can email you materials I have if you'd like!

    Generally, after I gave the spelling inventory (to determine spelling groups) I would have a parent volunteer copy sets of the sorts at the beginning of the year for the upcoming months. This allowed me to just grab each group's words and not have to even worry about it! That way, I only had to worry about making a homework sheet for each group. :) It also allowed for groups do be at different paces if they had not mastered that week's words.

    Let me know if you want to know more!

  2. This year was my first year using WTW (as I was a first year teacher). Definitely takes some getting used to since I grew up with traditional spelling, but I do enjoy it. You may have to explain to some parents in the beginning how it all works. At a recent PD workshop in my county, I learned that they prefer we call it "Word Study". It is really showing students how to build words and how they connect to other words and word families - and then you get the "odd ball words" thrown in. What I also learned is to have students not only sort the words by the given category, but you can have them sort by nouns, verbs, adjectives or living/non-living, etc. (anything really). You want to build their understanding of the words in a variety of ways. Some schools in our county do 1 week spelling practice with the sort and the next week vocabulary with the same sort. I could go on... but if you want more info lemme know :)~Cara Lee

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  3. I have used WtW and due to the planning of the words, groups, and time needed for practice, I do words biweekly. It saves my sanity. But I think it is really the way to go because one list of words does not meet the needs of the whole class.