Monday, July 22, 2013

A Great Monday Made It... Daily Math and a Story Map Board

Happy Monday everyone! I'm so excited for this Monday since I have two great projects to share. I've been trying to plan some curriculum, but am struggling since I can't focus on one subject.  Our district adopted My Math from Houghton Mifflin and the materials and manuals haven't arrived yet. I have a pacing guide and the monthly plans we made as a team last week, plus I've printed and laminated some centers to use during my "Daily 5" or my version of it.  As for ELA, our team is planning to start with Fairy Tales and Tall Tales and then Realistic Fiction for the first marking period.  I found some great units on TPT, but still have to figure out which standards to teach first and get my head wrapped around 2nd grade and all of their standards.  I keep having to remind myself that these are little kiddos, not 4th graders! And don't get me started on our spelling... not even sure where to go with that...

Monday Made It # 1:
Anyways, I made my "Daily 5" math rotation board this week. I was inspired by this blog post by That's So Second Grade (and she has free planning pages too!).  After deciding what would fit in my schedule and me personally, I printed out the choices, rotations, and group numbers and then laminated all of them.  Of course with my awesome laminator! Can you tell I am still in love with it?? (I've also gone through 100 sheets as of today!! oh geez!)

Here is my plan for my "Daily 5", really Daily 2, but we will see.  Each day the kids will do Math by Myself in one of the Rotations, then one other station/rotation. I will have two teacher groups, one in each rotation. I wanted to have a few slots open to pull additional kids, but that will have to wait.  My best teacher friend will be pushing in with me again this year, so maybe she can help pull some kids who need extra support.

Here are the stations/rotations:
Math by Myself
Math with Teacher
Math Technology
Math Writing
Math with Someone

I created a schedule for now, instead of letting the kids choose.  I'm too OCD to let that happen right now. Here is my Daily Math plan.

You can download by clicking the picture or here. Hopefully it is all correct, since my eyes were too tired to check it again. Feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes on it.

I am going to divide by kiddos into 5 groups and use 2 rotations.  Here are some pics before it was all put together.

I then used Velcro to attach them to a poster board, just in case I need to change out the signs.  Here is the final product! I love it!  (sorry, the pics aren't that great... )

Rotation Board: Shows the kids where they will be for the day.  I'll just move the group number each day which will be so much easier than moving all of the options!

Instructions for the station/rotation along with groups.  I'll write what has to be completed in each station.  Then under the group circles, I'll use sticky notes to put my kids in groups, since they will probably change frequently.

Monday Made It # 2:

After trying to plan out my first reading unit, I had remembered seeing "story boards/maps" which you could use for each story you read.  I searched my love "Pinterest" and found a few I liked, but one I fell in love with!  Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten posted a picture of her story map when she read Too Many Pumpkins.  Check it out here.   I wanted to adapt it to fit my room.  So using my color scheme card stock and a thick poster board, my Cricut machine, and of course my laminator!!

Here was my inspiration:
If you have never read Too Many Pumpkins, it's a must read.  So cute!  One of my favorites.  It's great to teach making predictions because most of the pages end with "until...".  We filled in our story map after reading the story.

And here is my finished product!!!

I'll write on the white spaces when I do each story with my 2nd graders and then wipe it off when we are done to start all over with the next one! I am so in love with it!  

What did you do for Monday Made It?


  1. I like the polka dot and stripe combination on your math board...very cute!

  2. Your math rotations board looks great. The colors are fantastic. The story map will be a great way to model with your students during shared and guided reading.


  3. So excited I just found your blog - I am your newest follower via Bloglovin'! Come stop by if you get a chance :)


    The Sweetest Thing

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  4. WE HAVE MY MATH! If any of your 3rd grade teachers are interested...I created WW Math Vocab for the vocab words in My Math (all 107 words for 3rd grade) word and examples! Chevron backgrounds to correlate with the domain... send them here... THANKS!
    Love your group signs... Colors are great!

  5. Your story map look great. I like the Begnning, middle, and end part. Thanks for sharing.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer
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  6. I love your story board! I want to make one for my library to use with the lower grades. LOVE IT! Sara B

  7. I was not very crafty this week :( so no Monday Made It for me....but I LOVE your story board!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your math rotation board! Is there any chance you could send me a copy of it so I can make one for my classroom too?

    Thanks so much!