Sunday, June 30, 2013

To change or not to change...

... that is the question.  I am trying to decide to change my blog name to something 2nd grade related.  What do you think?
Here are some names I came up with! Which one do you like if I you think I should change my blog name?

Secrets of 2nd (Second) Grade
Smiling to 2nd (Second) Grade
Sizzling Second Graders
Splendid Second Graders

Do you have any others... my brain is on summer mode and I really can't think of many others.  Any help would be great!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently

Yay!!! It's time for Farley's Currently linky!

This is my 2nd attempt (I think) to link up to Currently, so hopefully I do it correctly!

Listening:  I LOVE Pandora radio, especially while working on the computer.  My girls are taking a bath and I can hear them giggle from the bathroom. Thank you to my husband for giving baths tonight so I can get a break and blog for a minute!

Loving: My personal laminator came in the mail today!!!! I've already printed a bunch of items for my new classroom and laminated them.  If you don't have one, go and buy one tomorrow!!! It was the best item I've every bought for teaching. I don't know what took me so long.

Thinking: I am very thankful for Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers since I feel clueless about teaching 2nd grade, but very excited for the change from 4th graders which I have been teaching for 7 years.

Wanting: I really want to get into my new classroom and organize.  I redecorated my classroom last year and had to take it all down for the "move".  I am excited to put it all back together.

Needing: No big vacation for my family this year since my husband has to run a new shift at work in early July. Yuck.

Tip, tricks, or hints:  I love blog stalking and I'm sure everyone does it, but that is my tip, especially if you are changing grades, like me :)

Now, go link up with Farley! Be sure to follow the Rule of Three!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday :)

Yay for FIVE for Friday!!! I'm linking up today with random things from this week.  

1.  I ordered a personal laminator from and can't wait for it to arrive! Does anyone else have one?  This, I hope, will keep me out of school longer this summer, since I am always there to laminate.  Here is what it looks like:
Did I say that I really can't wait for it to come??? Then I can print all of the things that I've put in my Wish List on TPT for my new spot in 2nd grade!  

2.  My brother and his girlfriend surprised us and came up for a visit from North Carolina. What a fabulous surprise!!!  We took the girls and my nephew to the Buffalo Zoo on Wednesday.  Then yesterday, we all went to Niagara Falls, since she had never been there!  We did the Cave of the Winds Tour, which was fun, but got really wet! Plus it was raining too!  Check it out if you haven't ever been there.  It is only under an hour for us to get there from where we live.  The girls loved it!

3. I started figuring out my schedule for next year, since I will have my FAVORITE consultant teacher working with me.  I can't wait since I've worked with her almost every year I've taught.  She decided to "follow" me to 2nd grade from 4th too!

4.  Of course I've been blog stalking 2nd grade blogs.  If you have any suggestions of great 2nd grade blogs, please let me know!!!

5.  Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest has become a daily addiction since I have never taught second grade. So I'm looking for all of the help I can get!!

That is it for now... Still trying to figure out if I should start a second grade blog, or just keep this one for now.  Let me know what you think!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm linking up with The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday!  This is my first, so be patient with me, plus I haven't blogged in awhile.

I couldn't decide which was my favorite post, but I think my Classroom reveal would be the best one, plus it is the one which had the most views.  Here is my original post: 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tada....Classroom Reveal

Finally! My classroom is ready to go (except for a few miscellaneous things I have to do tomorrow sometime during our conference day and before volleyball practice).  I feel pretty good about my classroom being done, but not so great about getting ahead with curriculum.  I think that has to do with my new position and the common core.  I am trying to not be so OCD right now about having things perfect and planned ahead. Just one day at a time!!!

Okay, so on to the fun part... Sorry in advance about the picture overload!

I just LOVE my classroom and hope the kids will too. I have had sooo many complements and I am so excited to meet my kiddos on Wednesday and see their reaction!!
My CRAFT board (CAFE tweaked...) from Ladybug Teacher Files:

Classroom library (Still missing my nonfiction book cart...)  I finally sorted through all of my books and organized them by genres.  The green bins are fiction and the pink will be nonfiction once I get the cart.  On the top of the newly recovered old bookshelf is my "Book Hospital" for damaged books. 
This is the side of my room with my desk and u-table for reading groups.  You can see my "curtains" I made covering my shelves along the windows.
Towards the front of my classroom (Don't mind the ladder, our tech people weren't done hooking up my Smart Board)
Back of my room towards door
Birthday bulletin board:
A Pinterest inspired bulletin board to plot places we have found in our books:
Another Pinterest inspired board for roots, prefixes, and suffixes:
Our Rules:
Class/individual incentive for tickets I give out during class for those who follow directions quickly, etc...
70+ book boxes for all my kiddos to store their independent books and Reading Binder. (I am waiting for a last minute shipment of green for a couple of boys..didn't think they would really love pink ones since I ran out)
Learning targets for ELA Common Core I Can Statements:
Center choices: I spray painted Dollar Tree pizza pans and plan to use magnets for the kids to choose their Center choice (Read to self, Teacher, Work with Words, Work on Writing, and Grammar) once we get there in a few weeks.
Cubbies and Class sets of books:
Work on words in each "shoebox" tub and drawers for completed work below--one for each class of ELA.
Writing center with paper to write on, dictionaries, thesaurus and baskets to put work on top.  (Through the open door is my special ed co-teacher's room)
VOICES board for writing:

Work on writing choices (We will be going over these throughout the next few weeks and posting student examples.)

Welcome to our room (My homeroom kid's names are on the nacho chips):

Ice Cream Book Reading Incentive (When a child reads a book they will put a scoop on their class cone.  The class each marking period with the most books read will win an ice cream party):
Welcome to 4th Grade ELA!!  (My teacher name sign and WELCOME sign I made this summer)

That is it! My summer has been very productive and I really LOVE my room, especially the colors!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

And it is over!

Yay, for the last day of school!  My room is packed and ready to be moved over the summer.  Some of my things are already in my new second grade room, while the rest is in boxes!  This will indeed be a crazy summer of figuring out what to do next year in second grade and then to organize this new room. I have mixed emotions, but am really excited for a change.  The next few weeks I am relaxing, just hanging out with my family.  I have vowed to only do "school stuff" when my girls are napping.  I'm not sure if anyone else out there is like this, but I can't ever get out of "teacher" mode.
I'm off to blog stalk and find some good second grade blogs to follow this summer! Happy summer vacation!!! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

One chapter closes, another FABULOUS one opens!!

I know I haven't blogged in forever, and I'm pretty sure most of my posts say that. I am just WAY too busy teaching fourth grade and spending time with my family....
... However, I am so excited to report that this will be my last two weeks teaching fourth grade!!! Yup, after 6 years at fourth, and one at 5th, I am moving on down to..... try to guess.... SECOND!! Whooo Hooo!! I am so excited for this new adventure and am nervous too.  It is a much needed change for me and I can't wait.  This school year isn't even done yet and I'm already trying to wrap my head around 2nd grade curriculum, classroom organization, etc.  Blog stalking and Pinterest will be my best friends this summer! I can't wait! I probably can't keep my blog name, so maybe I'll change it or start a new one... who knows!!!