Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh no, say it isn't so. Not the big 3-0!

So, it is official! I am now 30!!! Eeek where has the time gone?  I really didn't have a problem with turning 30, just keep thinking how did my daughters get so old so fast!!!
Anyway, my lovely best friends at work didn't let me forget my 30th birthday was Friday.  Here is what I walked into at work Friday morning:

And then these were down the hallways to my room:

And then on my door was the final one:

So all day the kids in the building kept following the balloons to see whose birthday it was and then wished me happy 30! 

Oh, that wasn't it either!! Every 30 minutes a student from my past came and delivered a little gift to me, not quietly either.  They opened the door loudly and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"  It was so cute!  The day wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be since it was payback from a few years ago when one of my friends (my special education co-teacher) turned 50.  We put 50 balloons in her room and tons of Over the Hill decorations.  I figured payback would be way worse!!!

Overall it was a great day and then to top it off my hubby and I went to the melting pot!!

I'll be back tomorrow to post about what we have been doing lately!

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