Monday, September 3, 2012

Tada....Classroom Reveal

Finally! My classroom is ready to go (except for a few miscellaneous things I have to do tomorrow sometime during our conference day and before volleyball practice).  I feel pretty good about my classroom being done, but not so great about getting ahead with curriculum.  I think that has to do with my new position and the common core.  I am trying to not be so OCD right now about having things perfect and planned ahead. Just one day at a time!!!

Okay, so on to the fun part... Sorry in advance about the picture overload!

I just LOVE my classroom and hope the kids will too. I have had sooo many complements and I am so excited to meet my kiddos on Wednesday and see their reaction!!
My CRAFT board (CAFE tweaked...) from Ladybug Teacher Files:

Classroom library (Still missing my nonfiction book cart...)  I finally sorted through all of my books and organized them by genres.  The green bins are fiction and the pink will be nonfiction once I get the cart.  On the top of the newly recovered old bookshelf is my "Book Hospital" for damaged books. 
This is the side of my room with my desk and u-table for reading groups.  You can see my "curtains" I made covering my shelves along the windows.
Towards the front of my classroom (Don't mind the ladder, our tech people weren't done hooking up my Smart Board)
Back of my room towards door
Birthday bulletin board:
A Pinterest inspired bulletin board to plot places we have found in our books:
Another Pinterest inspired board for roots, prefixes, and suffixes:
Our Rules:
Class/individual incentive for tickets I give out during class for those who follow directions quickly, etc...
70+ book boxes for all my kiddos to store their independent books and Reading Binder. (I am waiting for a last minute shipment of green for a couple of boys..didn't think they would really love pink ones since I ran out)
Learning targets for ELA Common Core I Can Statements:
Center choices: I spray painted Dollar Tree pizza pans and plan to use magnets for the kids to choose their Center choice (Read to self, Teacher, Work with Words, Work on Writing, and Grammar) once we get there in a few weeks.
Cubbies and Class sets of books:
Work on words in each "shoebox" tub and drawers for completed work below--one for each class of ELA.
Writing center with paper to write on, dictionaries, thesaurus and baskets to put work on top.  (Through the open door is my special ed co-teacher's room)
VOICES board for writing:

Work on writing choices (We will be going over these throughout the next few weeks and posting student examples.)

Welcome to our room (My homeroom kid's names are on the nacho chips):

Ice Cream Book Reading Incentive (When a child reads a book they will put a scoop on their class cone.  The class each marking period with the most books read will win an ice cream party):
Welcome to 4th Grade ELA!!  (My teacher name sign and WELCOME sign I made this summer)

That is it! My summer has been very productive and I really LOVE my room, especially the colors!!!


  1. WOW!!!! Your room looks great. I love how you stuck to the pink and green. Your kids are so lucky!

  2. Your room is fantastic!! I love the colors!!!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  3. I'm in love with your room. All of your boards are AWESOME. I love how you spray painted the pizza pans.

  4. I love how the colors look together, & all of your boards look great!