Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Punctuation Takes a Vacation

I have been doing this awesome lesson to introduce and go along with Conventions (6 traits) since I student taught years ago.  I am not sure where the original idea came from, but I love this lesson! 

All of my kids loved this lesson and were excited to complete the activities.  Here is what you can do for the lesson:

Ù Read the book Puncutation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver.  (Skip over the postcards in the book--you will be using them later and make sure you read the letter in the story the way the punctuation is actually written so it has a bigger effect on the kids)

Ù Discuss how punctuation has a voice and how it tells us how to read things correctly.

Ù After reading the book and talking about it, put the kids into groups.  Pass out the typed postcards (the same as ones in the book).  Each group must determine which type of punctuation sent the postcard and record on a postcard sheet with their name.  (I added a stamp and laminated my postcards)

Typed Postcards

Student postcard to write down who wrote the postcard

Ù Extensions: Give each student the letter from the book (at the end).  Then each student individually must write out the letter correctly.  You can also go over the punctuation rules sheet and teach different types of punctuation after this lesson. 

Here is the document I used for the postcards, Punctuation Rules and letter (2 copies--one wrong and one blank to fix).  I can't find the postcard where the students write the correct punctuation (last picture), sorry!  Hopefully the link works since this is the first time linking a document.  If it doesn't, someone please let me know what I didn't do correctly!  Hope you all can use this lesson!!!

I hope I am doing this right, but I used Hello Sassay font by Jen Jones! I love her fonts and you can find them at!! Thanks Jen!!


  1. This lesson looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. The link worked just fine!

  2. I just used this book as a cause/effect lesson for guided reading! I'll have to use it for writing now! Thanks!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  3. What cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Fourth Grade Garden