Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crazy busy

How do all of you keep up with blogging? I can barely find the time to check all of the blogs I follow, let alone blog or take pictures of things my classes are working on.  We have been busily doing running records, DIBELS, etc so that we can place all of our kids in fourth grade into strategy groups.  I have my Data meeting tomorrow to go through all of the information we have collected.

I haven't been able to start my "Daily 5"/Centers yet with getting used to the kids and switching classes.  My kids have been wonderful in adjusting to their new schedule though.  We have introduced a few of the "rounds" or choices, just have the rest to intro next week.  Remember, I am not really following the book to a tee, since I only have the kids for 80 minutes, but I am trying to make it my own. 

We have started CRAFT (CAFE modification) and are plugging away at strategies while reading one of my favs, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  We are working on choosing Good Fit Books and trying to read more.  I started a class competition to see which section of my ELA can read the most books by the end of each marking period. Each time they read a book and can retell it, they can put up an ice cream scoop on the wall.  The kids are really trying to read different genres with the 30 Book Challenge too.  They are excited about reading which I hope will continue all year. 

I promise to take pictures soon to share other things we have been working on.  However, school, coaching volleyball, and spending time with my family are overtaking blogging.  I will be back soon!

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