Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm back....

Sorry everyone for not posting in awhile! I have been super BUSY, probably just like everyone else out there.  We got back from vacation last Sunday.  We had a wonderful time visiting my parents and enjoying the sunshine and beach in North Carolina.  On Monday I started coaching my volleyball team the school I teach at.  That takes so much time that I haven't been able to get much else done.  I have been working on finishing up my classroom except I received the wrong bulletin board paper which set me back a couple of days.  I hope to be done by the middle of this week as long as my girls cooperate when we go in there again!  However, I have been busy blog stalking and getting more great ideas for my classroom (I should stop looking at pinterest though)!!

Wednesday we have a curriculum meeting with the area 4th grade teachers to discuss the Common Core! Yippee!! (note sarcasm)

My goals for the week are to finish decorating my classroom and put everything where it goes.  Then I'll have a week and a half to work on curriculum before the kiddos arrive the first week of September.  I want to get ahead since coaching takes up sooooo much time!  Cross your fingers that I get it all done!!!  I'll post pictures soon once my classroom is complete.

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