Friday, August 31, 2012

Is it really the last day of August?

Where has the summer gone? I have been working right along since July and am still not done with my classroom and curriculum.  I saw this posted today and it is soooo true!

Hopefully after another day in my classroom today I will be done.  I am trying to plan ahead a little since I coach Varsity volleyball and haven't had too much time in my classroom without feeling like a horrible mom.  I really wanted to enjoy my Labor Day weekend with my family so I am going to kick it up into high gear today and get everything done!!! We start back for a conference day on Tuesday and then the kiddos come Wednesday!  I promise to post pictures soon of my classroom (I'm bringing my camera today). 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Week: Monday Must Haves

Hey everyone, I am so excited to link up for:

These are my must haves!!

1. Paper Mates Flair pens.  I absolutely love them!!!

2.  Mr. Sketch markers.  My kiddos love to use them too!
3.  My Cricut machine.  Mine is just a little guy, but it does get the job done.

Cricut Create® Machine

4.  Chocolate!!!!!

5.  Mountain Dew or Pepsi a few times a week!

6.  Binders to organize all of my plans and units!

7.  Post-it Notes!!!
680-PBG    670-5AF2_PKG_RGB
653-AU PKG V02 RGB

Those are my Must Haves! What are yours? Link up with Blog Hoppin' to share!! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great Amazon Deal!!

I'm not sure how many of you know about a deal Amazon has right now!!
4-for-3 Books

When you order any four eligible books under $10 you can get the lowest-price book FREE!!! I just ordered four books I have been wanting for a little bit.  I am sooo excited that I got one free! 

Testing Miss Malarkey        My Mouth Is a Volcano!    The Kid Who Ran for President    First Day Jitters

Hopefully if you didn't know about this deal, it might save you some money!  Happy shopping!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm back....

Sorry everyone for not posting in awhile! I have been super BUSY, probably just like everyone else out there.  We got back from vacation last Sunday.  We had a wonderful time visiting my parents and enjoying the sunshine and beach in North Carolina.  On Monday I started coaching my volleyball team the school I teach at.  That takes so much time that I haven't been able to get much else done.  I have been working on finishing up my classroom except I received the wrong bulletin board paper which set me back a couple of days.  I hope to be done by the middle of this week as long as my girls cooperate when we go in there again!  However, I have been busy blog stalking and getting more great ideas for my classroom (I should stop looking at pinterest though)!!

Wednesday we have a curriculum meeting with the area 4th grade teachers to discuss the Common Core! Yippee!! (note sarcasm)

My goals for the week are to finish decorating my classroom and put everything where it goes.  Then I'll have a week and a half to work on curriculum before the kiddos arrive the first week of September.  I want to get ahead since coaching takes up sooooo much time!  Cross your fingers that I get it all done!!!  I'll post pictures soon once my classroom is complete.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What a day!

So today was a CRAZY day! I took my two little girls and my AMAZING niece who is ten into my classroom for the morning. My goal was to get a bunch of things wrapped up and to laminate and then cut it at home. My niece was so great helping to watch and entertain the girls that I did get a lot accomplished.  She then came back to my house and helped me cut out this HUGE pile of lamination:

I downloaded and printed a bunch of stuff from TeachersPayTeachers and decided to get a little done today.  Here are some other pictures of things I accomplished today in my classroom!!!


I hot glued a sheet to a cabinet that no longer matched my room and added some ribbon.

A make shift bulletin board and my bunting that I hot glued so it will hopefully NOT fall down!

My CRAFT bulletin board courtesy of Ladybug's Teacher Files which I will use with the ELA Common Core resources from Ginger Snaps!! If you haven't purchased these, they are AMAZING!!!! Go over right now to TeachersPayTeachers and purchase them!!! You will NOT be sorry!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my sneak peak... I'll see you in a week after my vacation to North Carolina in a few days! The beach is calling my name!