Friday, June 8, 2012

End of the Year Craziness

So I am still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing and have been super busy at school.  We were informed that many of us are changing rooms next year since the 6th graders will now be moved from the middle/high to our elementary school.  And guess who gets to move?  That is right, ME!  Although I am not excited to pack everything done, I am going to change the look of my classroom.  I am going with a neon pink and green and black theme which I am super excited about. I have already started purchasing items to match my room.  I've been also trying to plan out the new set up of my room since I'm going from a large rectangular room to a small square room.  That is the part I get frustrated with since my OCD kicks in and I want it done before I leave for the summer since I have many projects awaiting me this summer.  On the brighter side, there are only 7 more school days left!!! Yipee!!!

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  1. I'm moving this summer too, from a first grade room to a fourth grade room. All I can say is it feels like spring cleaning! Post pics of your new room when you can!