Thursday, April 5, 2012

What to teach after the state tests?

It is spring break so first I've been cleaning like crazy, but my girls are napping so I am trying to figure out this blog thing more. I'm looking for some help on planning for math. I'm having some issues trying to plan for after the NYS Math test. I'm excited to get started with the Daily 5 and CAFE (or the modified CRAFT version) after the ELA state test in a few weeks, but I'm stuck on math. Any suggestions???


  1. I like to do "fun" math once testing is over. You could do measurement activities with water, rice, or they could make pudding or brownies (if the cafeteria will bake it). Fractions: cutting fruits up into a given fraction..dipping into chocolate!! i also do a lot of math and art! I've posted a couple projects over at my blog!! I also do math projects for the more advanced kiddos

    Teaching in Paradise

  2. Try Intervention for lower percentile individuals per benchmark as soon as you know the score per each. Reinforce and practice correct fundamentals for each lower percentile student to increase aptitude before school year end. For high performance students, give them a peek of next year's math. See "Smart to the Core" workbooks and Rock Climbing Games.