Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Help with choosing novels!

Next year I will be teaching ELA to all of the fourth graders.  Our elementary school is changing grades 3-6 and making them departmentalized.  By next week I need to give my principal my choices for novels for next year.  We are no longer tied to the basal series (YAYYYYYYY!!).  I'm excited, can't you tell!  So I guess I am looking for some suggestions on which novels to use for fourth graders which might be a little more difficult, since the common core is requiring more rigorous reading... any help would be great!!! :)


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog through the linky party! That is amazing. I wish our school would ditch our basal series!! I'm not sure if you're into pinterest yet but there are a TON of great resources. Here's a site that I found that gives book recommendations for common core by grade level

    Also, the common core website has some listed novels by grade level. Hope this helps!! If you are not into pinterest yet, you need to start. There are a ton of great teaching ideas and resources floating around there.

    Stop by my page and let me know if you need an invite!! (Sorry for the long comment :)). I'll be following you to hear about your journey ditching the basal reader..Hopefully I"ll be blogging about doing so in the near future :)

    Teaching in Paradise

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! How exciting to be just teaching ELA next year! A tried and true book for 4th graders is Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. I look forward to hearing about your list you put together!

    One Teacher's Take