Thursday, March 22, 2012


I forgot to post this yesterday... My kiddos took a practice ELA and did FABULOUS!! The Book 1 they completed on their own is the one test in the series of three days of testing that is most important. If they don't do well enough on this day of testing, they won't pass. All but two of my kiddos got above a 70%, which I think is fabulous! (this doesn't count the sped kids though, as they were pulled out during this session). Hopefully they will keep up their hard work for the next couple of weeks, then come back after two weeks of spring break and rock the test. We can only hope!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Help with choosing novels!

Next year I will be teaching ELA to all of the fourth graders.  Our elementary school is changing grades 3-6 and making them departmentalized.  By next week I need to give my principal my choices for novels for next year.  We are no longer tied to the basal series (YAYYYYYYY!!).  I'm excited, can't you tell!  So I guess I am looking for some suggestions on which novels to use for fourth graders which might be a little more difficult, since the common core is requiring more rigorous reading... any help would be great!!! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

3-6 Grade Linky Party

Couldn't get this to work the other day, so here is my next try....

Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies Linky Party

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Test prep stations...

Oh how we LOVE test prep time. In our grade we stop teaching the oh so fun basal reading and devote an entire month or so, to test prep for our wonderful NYS ELA test. Our kiddos will take this test in the middle of April, right after 2 weeks of spring break! What fun! I'm tired of the same boring test prep so while searching blogs, I found this awesome idea from Teaching in Room 6! I tweaked this idea to fit in my classroom. I have 5 stations which the kids must go to during the week. They include: Grammar review, task cards, reading skill practice,, and work with teacher. This is the end of our first week and I absolutely love them!! It was so great to work with the kids in small groups to be able to discuss some practice tests they took. After spring break I will be carrying over this type of stations while starting to try out the CAFE and modified Daily 5. Next year our 3-6 grades will be departmentalized, so I already know that I will be teaching all fourth graders reading, spelling, grammar, and writing. So why not try out a few things this year?? Any suggestions would be welcome on how to fit all of these subjects into 83 minutes!!